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About Us

We are an up and coming performance parts company that is owned and operated by 2 guys who have a passion for making fast cars go faster.

D'Agostino Racing is the company to go to for the best performance parts at the best prices and for the fastest shipments. We have what you need, whether your working with foreign or domestic, new or old. We are always looking to make sure we are offering the highest in quality and the lowest in price.

Our mission is to enable men and woman to get great parts to increase the performance of there vehicles. We take every opportunity to insure that this is done at the lowest price possible, so that those who love modifying cars can do so without breaking the bank.

We offer a wide range of aftermarket performance parts and accessories from intakes and exhausts to Turbos and superchargers. We stock various brands including Roush, SLP, BBK, Maximum Motor Sports, MAC Exhaust, Baer, Hawk and many more!