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DRI 03-04 Cobra Spec 3+ 26-Spline Clutch Package

  • $769.99

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D Agostino Racing | Fuel Fittings / Adapters

D'Agostino Racing is proud to offer a 26 Spline complete clutch package for your 03-04 Cobra. We made this package to save you time and money. It includes all the parts necessary to convert from the stock 10-Spline input shaft to the stronger aftermarket 26-Spline input shaft.

The stock input shaft becomes a weak link in the drivetrain at approx. 550rwhp, or less if drag raced often. By adding this 26-Spline version rest assured you will be safe at power levels upward of 650rwhp. Also included in this package is the Spec Stage 3 Plus clutch. This clutch is proven at those power levels, and still retain good street manners.

Package Includes:


  • Spec Stage 3+ Clutch Kit
  • Liberty 26-Spline Input Shaft
  • Liberty Input Shaft Shim Kit
  • Spec Throwout Bearing
  • Spec Pilot Bearing

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