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DRI 99-04 Mustang Modified Fuel Pump Driver Module

DRI 99-04 Mustang Modified Fuel Pump Driver Module

  • $169.95
  • $139.99

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D Agostino Racing | Modified Fuel Pump Driver Module - Returnless Fuel System

Looking to install twin Ford GT Fuel Pumps and a Kenne Bell 40amp Boost-A-Pump?  Then do yourself a favor and upgrade your FPDM (Fuel Pump Driver Module). 

The stock FPDM was not designed for Ford GT Fuel Pumps.  The Ford GT Fuel Pumps draw more amps than the stock Cobra Fuel Pumps, and therefore if run with the stock FPDM there is a possibility that your FPDM will overheat and go into thermal shutdown.   Throw in a Kenne Bell BAP and the chances of overheating the stock FPDM have just doubled.

What happens when the unit goes into thermal shutdown?  All fuel supply will be cut off until the unit cools down at which point fuel supply will be restored.  This is not something you want to have happen, especially if at WOT.

This modified FPDM can supply 26A over an extended period of time.  Each unit is tested and labeled before being shipped out.  

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