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DRI Ford Modular Motor PCV Valve Cover Fitting (Pair)

  • $34.95

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D Agostino Racing | Fuel Fittings / Adapters

Fitting plugs right in Valve Cover and has -10AN Outlet. 

We at D'Agostino Racing believe in using catch cans. These in our opinion are the only way to safely route your PCV system for your Ford Modular Motor to prevent any damage from occurring to your engine.

These fittings will allow you to run steel braided lines to a catch-can. Alternatively you may purchase a complete kit for your vehicle. Please give one of our sales reps for more information.

If any oil vapor hits the engine it accumulates in the intake and when it hits the combustion chamber, it can raise your compression ratio. Lets not forget, engine oil vapor is like 40 octane. Not something you want in your engine.

We suggest you plug any stock PCV vacuum sources and vent both valve covers to a catch can. Preferably one with an oil vapor trap of some kind.

Installing check valves and other restrictions in your PCV system have the potential of pressure build up in your crankcase during boost. This will cause loss of power and may even lead to engine sealing issues.

Price is for a pair, includes shipping


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